Easy Double-Sided Baby Blanket

Blanket fold

This blanket is so easy – as long as you know how to use a sewing machine (and even just barely..) you can do it.  Choosing fabric- I initially was going to use cuddle (otherwise known as “minky”) fabric on one side and flannel on the other but loved the feel of cuddle so decided to use it for both sides.  Cuddle is a type of fleece that is especially soft and plush – you’ll love the feel.  Some cuddle actually runs $17.99/yard, but there is no need to pay that much.  I found some already-cut pieces on sale, $12.99/yd and then 25% off which gave me enough for two blankets at a price of about $14/each.  However, I could have done a lot better than that as I am seeing right now on JoAnn’s that they have a 50% off sale, and a nice selection of cuddle is 6.49/yd on up! http://www.joann.com/search?q=cuddle.  As for size, there is no set size for a baby blanket.  You could pick 18″ x 18″ for a preemie or car seat blanket or up to 52″x 32″ for a crib blanket. Basically, 36″x 36″ or a one yard of fabric (where the width might vary depending on the bolt) will be perfect for a toddler or a baby.



Step 1:  Wash and dry your fabric first to avoid any unproportional shrinkage after the blanket is sewn together.  After cutting the pieces to the desired size – lay the fabric with right sides facing each other (if you have a pattern that needs to be symmetrical, make sure that it is straight), pin every few inches along the perimeter to avoid any fabric creep (being extra aggressive if you are using cuddle fabric which tends to creep).

Blanket stitching

Step 2: Sew along perimeter all the way around (I went a bit close to the edge using the foot as a guide but about 1/2 inch will work), leaving about an opening 4-6 inches wide for turning the fabric inside-out .  For extra reinforcement, sew again along perimeter, just inside or outside of your stitching.

Blanket wo wire

Step 3:  Best part – turn fabric inside out (or “right-side out”)!!

Step 4:  Hand-stitch the opening closed or machine-stitch it closed, if you are short on time (this is what I did – it’s hardly noticeable.  Just make sure to match your top thread to a color that matches the top fabric and your bobbin thread to a color that matches the lower fabric).

Blanket first Pic

Viola!  So soft and cuddly – even my 4th grader has asked for one!

Update: below is another one I made recently…this one has flannel on one side and cuddle on the other.  I think I was able to make this in less than an hour.

IMG_1942 (2)

IMG_1944 (2)

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